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60. Natalia Lin [natashalin50]   (2017-03-09 4:22 AM)
Hello Professor, It has been a while and I see that the last entry here has been 5 years ago. Not sure if you will see this, but letting you know that you have been on my mind. I'm still performing, teaching, thanks to your patience to share important techniques to propel me to where I am. Don't give up x

59. Guestbook Admin [guestbook]   (2013-04-20 1:58 PM)
It was 36, now 43 rubbish messages have automatically been assessed & deleted lately by the "Asassin-007".
Congratulation to mentally sick & tireless rubbish 'authors'! You are wasting your time.
On the other hand,  mentally sick idiots  do not count time, do they?

58. Taras Bulbach   (2012-10-06 12:11 PM)
Note: A number of entries by Gaymoriuk/Uhayker/Emshits were deleted (as I understand) by the Management Team. Those entries represented total, continuous lies & disgusting folsehood in regard to Prof.Makarov and on many occcasions,- just rubbish. Accordingly, my entries shoul be considered without previous numbers (as 60-74) of entries..

57. Taras Bulbach   (2012-10-01 5:58 PM)
No.60-74= it's a lot of rubbish/ I was asking just for substance. Everyone can see now your answers to my true facts-
they are just RUBBISH! Nothing else. It proves again and again my every word for the V.Makarov's truth- he is in prison thanks to a group of proven liars, who had collaborated to charge him and get 1500000 ru compo. This could be done in Australia only. If it is not for the Australian money, why not to report him in Kiev or Kharkov?, together with parents and, as you say, a numberr of witnesses. Yet, there is no money in the Ukraine for such a charge... That is why Australia. Money!!! Money!!!

56. Taras Bulbach   (2012-09-24 6:52 PM)
It is hard to understand the Court approach. The public heard this sort of crime was committed by Prists and teachers, mostly in remote areas, on farms and summer camps.It was never said that any victim was one of top world's sportsman, that requires outstanding concentration and dicipline. All the media described the suffering of victims all their life, 20-30 years after the crime. On the other hand, Uhayker won International competition in Sydney (in 2002, 2nd place), and Gaymoriuk had numerous wins. Their many wins could not be coming in the state of 'invalidity'as they presented themself to the Court (and recepients of invalidity compo of 1500000ru). Any top sportsman could say: good performance= is = NO STRESS/. Yet, this was disregarded under 'umbrella' to show power to the Public in dealing with crimes. So, in 2004 Makarov fell under the 'harvester', he was 'combed' by common comb (подстрижен по одну расчёску!) without any serious thought.

55. Taras Bulbach   (2012-09-23 8:35 PM)
Cont. In 2004-2005 The case was won by 4 20+ men because the Court belived each of their word without any prove. Even the Chief investigator was found later on as saying untruths under oath (see Makarov's comments in Russian section). With no direct witnesses, except the 'victims' themself testifying to each other, THE details of their evidence were thrown into consideration on appeal, to establish the 'victims' truthfulness. It was their disaster. It was like Лебедь, Рак и Щука...
(including the above DOOR). Firstly, Gaymoriuk lost his case (March, 2010) in the front of his father and a great No. of people on both sides. Then it was Uhayker (Aug. 2011). Now, as a looser, Gaymoriuk does not have the right to call people names (обзывать), ie.Makarov as a pedofile. He is looking for big troubles, ie. defamation, as soon as Makarov will be released. So, as a looser, Gaymoriuk should keep quiet, as a mouse. Yet, one needs brains to understand this.

54. Taras Bulbach   (2012-09-23 7:46 PM)
To:Tash Ozerov, You'll find all info at (in Russian)/ It was interesting to read that 120 famous musicians signed that petition to stop him performing in Moscow. There are among the signatories a number of Professors from Spain to Poland. The most amasing thing:. Gaymoriuk lost his case on appeal in March 2010. One (of the many contributing factors) proving his lies was his description of the 'acts' behind the door, 3 meters away from the people watching TV. He in detail described the door's handles and the door's pattern, and colour, yes in detail!!! for 12 jurors + prosecutor + Judge/ ++++/ As a matter of fact, it was shown that this door never existed. (See next)

53. Tash Ozerov [Tash]   (2012-09-23 2:43 PM)
Taras Bulbach

Is that letter your talking about anywhere on the net?
Do you have a copy that I'd be able to read?

Muchly appreciated,

52. Taras Bulbach   (2012-09-18 6:44 PM)
The most funny thing is that a small (14 y.o.) Chinese boy was not afraid (as Alibrander Gaymoriuk states), while overgrown (185 cm) teenager Gaymoriuk, with parents and grandparenta watching his every step and looking after him,> was permanently(!) under fear?. Why? Was he in a prison camp in tundra strugling for a piece of bread? No. Why fear in a wonderful Kharkov??? Why 'bezishodnost'? He thinks it will work for him. In this way he has became a liar and a clown/
He just was misled that compo money will be easy to get, actually, it was: suck ridiculous things from the finger, and bingo, 1 500 000 rubles in your pocket/ /In the Ukraine in 2005 it was enormous amount///He was said Makarov will get life, and that it. Not at all. For Gaymoriuk things are turning ugly. That is why he continues to lie in the Izvestia

51. Taras Bulbach   (2012-09-18 6:14 PM)
Dear Victor Lvovich, Congratulatins with your birthday!!!, >many happy returns!!!
Everyone on the right side of the TRUTH hopes and believes that the next your birthday you will celebrate with your family and friends. By the way, I came across a letter by Alibrander Gaymoriuk to the newpaper Izvestiya. Bravo! His position as an International Liar is greatly reinforced now/ His letter represents an utter, unprecedented falsehood from the first to the last words. He is turning every fact upside down and again and again trying to hide that he (and Evruniy Uhayker as well) lost his case 100% when he described his homo_ity of Kharkov acts behind the door that never eagain and again xisted!!! etc/etc.

50. Taras Bulbach   (2012-08-31 8:56 PM)
Dear Sedrick, (49 &50) I love you for your inspirational comments. Next time give us a bit of substance. There are only facts given by me, true and traceable (!!), well known to everyone, facts. Try to remember this: When it comes to the pure facts, there is no education or intellect needed. And after all, who is talking about intellect or education? I have already described who & what you are, read it again to remember, Mers.Gaymoriuk, Uhayker & Emshits.
O,yes, do not forget to wash your neck every day now, very soon it will help... Albert Camus (in Russian: Альбер Камю),
a French novelist, in his "Thinking about guillotine" (1957) is against such a punishment. Yet, many dissagree with him,
O, yee!!! (Also, do not forget to think...about your Mr.Rantick Sleizniak's future, maybe he will need your collective help now,- strange things happened!)

49. cedrick   (2012-08-15 4:18 PM)
Att: Taras ballbags..........just wanted to call you that

48. cedrick   (2012-08-15 4:17 PM)
Taras bulcrap, please keep writing your insightful thoughts on this page. Your education and intellect are unrivaled. You are a sage of the highest are Jesus

47. Taras Bulbach   (2012-08-01 5:35 PM)
As it's happened, a number of entries by Gaymoriuk/Uhayker/Emshits were deleted as representing total, continuous lies & disgusting folsehood in regard to Prof.Makarov. Accordingly, my entries shoul be considered witout references to the previous order of entries.

46. Taras Bulbach   (2012-06-21 7:58 PM)
Some details. on 26 Dec 2004 Gaymoriuk played in the Concert Hall of the Sydney Opera House, in the front of 5000 people. After he finished, a huge crowd of ALL his friends and parents, (including other 3 his 'abused' friends), behind the curtains, wildly and happily congratulated him and his girlfriend. On 15 Jan 2004, the Sydney main newspaper in an article about Prof. Makarov said, (carelessly forgetting the political correctness) that thanks to Makarov, the centre of the piano mastership in Australia was now in (a private) Institute of Music, thus sidelining the Government's Conservatorium, with its 30 mil. refurbishment. That was it. On 15 Feb 2004, (less than 7 weeks since the Concert), 4 Makarov's students: Oystrich, Emshits, Gaymoriuk and Uhayker went to the Police, now already presenting themselfs not as happy winners, but victims of abuse... What a fenomenal joke!!! What a fenomenal lie!!! What a fenomenal betrayal!!! And... human tragedy as a result.

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