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Address of Victor Makarov

Dear friends, all my supporters!
     I am immensely grateful to you for your warm attitude, humanity, honesty and dignity that has shielded my destiny and protected me desperation and depression, inspired belief in future.

   4 years have passed from the moment when I, whilst being on the top of my human and creative capacities, was forcibly pulled out from normal life and transferred to a prison that has a «civilized» title: «corrective services» - but in fact, an institution of the suppresion of one's dignity and individuality.

    I strongly believe that the time to break the silence and introduce all events, which happened to me in Australia and caused the current situation of mine and my family, has come. I also believe in glasnost [openness]. I believe that it is possible to dot the i's and cross the t's only by exposing numerous documents of the real facts and the way in which my matter was investigated in 2004 in NSW.

    I also need openness because 09.12.08 Court of Criminal Appeal of NSW rejected all evidence I've collected during the last 4 years. Though at the current time, as a result of my appeal, the convictions and sentences in relation to O.G. and E.U. had been quashed and the order for new trials had been made, the convictions in relation to L.O. and A.Y. still to be held. [I hope you understand that I can not identify the compliants’ names].

    I would like you to know that I have not wasted these years in captivity. I have written not only memoirs and poetry, but also in spite of impossibility to play piano, improved my methodology [«Piano teaching method»] with additional chapters concerning the mental training of the students. I am deeply convinced that such a training would benefit students, let them achieve a good result, spending approximately 50% less time practising piano playing and provide additional psychological protection during the public performances.

    Later on I'll introduce you to many thigs I've created whilst being in jail.

    In 2004 only my physical body was arrested, convicted and jailed. However, there is in Australia or any another country no force which is able to deprive freedom of my consciousness, soul and conscience. I know that sooner or later I'll win this difficult battle, because the truth is on my side: I had never, ever in this life caused suffering to anybody by my evil attitude. I have always loved, love and will love all my students [including those who put me in the prison] independently of their achievements, ups and downs.

    I hope this web-page would build a bridge between our hearts. If you would like to ask me any question — personal or professional — I would answer with great pleasure.

              With love,

      Emeritus Man of Arts of Ukraine
      Inmate # 380046
                                                             Victor Makarov
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